San Diego Crew Racing Event

In November, we participated at a Festival in Downtown Encinitas.  We were approached by a wonderful fellow crafter who helped organize the arts/crafts fair within the Crew Classic in San Diego.  We thought why not…  The end of March seemed like forever but we decided that we needed to begin planning far ahead and booking the calendar.

It seemed like we blinked and it was time to get ready for the event.  I suppose that is how it goes…  Thursday came and went (we sell at our local street fair in downtown palm springs every thursday night) and Friday came and we loaded up the truck and hit the road.  We had to leave Jack at home since dogs were not allowed so a bit of our comfort zone was a little a skewed.  Again, we never been to a crew racing event and basically all I know of crew is what I saw on The Social Network aka the Facebook movie (the twin dudes).  Furthermore, this was the first year that they incorporated the arts and crafts so we were in uncharted waters (no pun intended).

We arrived without lunch (I get a bit testy with out a decent meal) and unloaded and began to set up our booth.  Everyone was extremely nice and laid back.  We got our lunch and came back to do some finishing touches.  We decided to make our way to the hotel get some rest for the big day(s).

Well, we do not have a new truck and thus do not have a GPS system.  I have to rely on Mapquest (which is sometimes wrong).  This mixed with sitting almost through the windshield, San Diego traffic at 4PM on a Saturday and wrong directions equals mayhem.  My dad had to navigate our way through and we found the hotel (AMAZING).

To our surprise, one of our neighbors was from Palm Springs and sells at the Village Fest in Palm Springs.  Weird how it is such a small world!!  Our other neighbor was a very nice and talented hat maker.  Her pieces were very unique and were fabricated from upcycled sweaters!  It was fun to browse during the down time!!  She was very informative and gave great insight of other shows that we would be a good fit in (that’s half the battle).  I will make sure to include her website.  This gives some photos (they really don’t do the pieces justice) and listings of her next events.

At the end of Saturday we were warned that there was a wind advisory.  We thought, hey take down the pillows, cover in case of rain, and weigh that tent down and we should be a okay.  Well, the next morning we found out that some of the other vendors had their tent ruined and blown into the bay.  I felt really bad for them!  Tents can be pricey not to mention  ruining their art work!

Our weekend was a success!  Our dog silhouette pillows were a hit and as usual we were missing breeds.  That’s the way it goes.  Can’t have them all (even though we can make any breed, don’t see your pet don’t fret).  We have added more breeds (wheaten, basenji, cavalier spaniel and more).  Also, custom orders available, your pet’s name can be added at no extra charge.  $27.00

We are preparing for the Avocado Festival in Fallbrook Sunday April 15th.  Just a one dayer and our hat neighbor will be there as well.  Don’t know what to expect but will share the highlights.  Heard that there was avocado ice cream so that alone will be a treat!

A few lessons to be learned:
1.) Expect the unexpected
2.) Bring food / the alternative isn’t pretty!!!
3.) Don’t rely soley on Mapquest if possible!  Patience is key when trying to find your hotel!
4.) Visit with your neighbors, makes the day go by faster and you will learn tons
5.) Bring weights!!!  It is never a great way to start the day with your tent in the bay!!
6.) Always move forward!!
7.) Didn’t really learn much more about crew.  Didn’t watch any race but do know that my school UCLA didn’t do too shabby…

Take care and visit our Etsy shop for gifts, home decor additions or just to see what we have or drop me an e-mail for any custom order inquiries or if you wanted to be on our email list.

Till next time,
Aja Simon
Ecarlate Boutique


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