Encinitas Street Fair

Last weekend our adventures in crafting took us to the cozy beachy Encinitas CA for a two day event. Since the event occurred on the historic 101 HWY we were lucky enough to take our number one attraction also known as Jack (my parent’s black lab). We got up before the sun (4 AM), crammed into our pickup truck and headed on the road. Since this was our third event this month, we had the routine down pretty good but still was groggy. We decided to upgrade to a corner booth so our set up was slightly different than our Fallbrook event and our weekly street fair in Palm Springs. Here is a shot of our booth pretty early in the first day.

Encinitas Street Fair Day One

Jack got pretty restless since we were so close to the ocean I think he thought a day at the dog beach was on the agenda. He was sadly mistaken. This was a working trip. My dad was responsible for Jack’s entertainment and this entailed walking up and down the 101. In between strolls Jack got to lay by the booth and he was extremely well behaved. Here is a photo of Jack sitting in my dad’s lap…

Dad (Mike Simon) and Jack Enjoying the Ocean Air

Our first day was a successful one and I was very pleased with the turnout. Since we were directly across the street from the restaurant St. Germains, I was able to have Internet access to check on things in our Etsy shop on my new kindle fire (thanks to my boyfriend Chris for the early bday gift).

We got to stay at the Doubletree in Del Mar. We have stayed there before for another trip and found the hotel to be nice, comfortable and affordable. I forgot to mention that they are dog friendly!!! Jack has stayed in hotels before and he is well behaved. My black lab, Hunter on the other hand would have been a terror so he stayed home with my boyfriend.

Here is Jack after a long day of selling Jack got to relax with a Skinny Girl cocktail (the Skinny Girl Cosmo with White Cranberry)…  Delish!  Since we had Jack, we didn’t have a chance to go out to dinner.  This is fine since we were beat and tried to keep overall costs to a minimum.  My dad and I made a run through the grocery store and bought salads, sushi and other snacks.  Unfortunately, we didn’t include forks and as you can imagine this made eating a salad less than elegant…

Jack Getting His Drink On

One pain was that we had to tear down the booth after the first day and reassemble the next day. I would avoid this if at all possible. Here is a photo of our booth the second day. It was funny because the first day was bright and sunny while the second was cloudy and a little chilly.  That’s the beach for you.

We had less merchandise but I was again pleased with our set up and our sales.  We got to chat with a lot of nice people and would love to participate again next year.  The promoter also puts together this event in November while this is only for one day it is a wonderful atmosphere and a great event all around.

Any chance you can showcase your product and pass out business cards it is successful. The internet can be difficult to showcase your merchandise and nine times out of ten the photos do not do the product justice.  Another bonus was that we sold out.  This was fantastic for us and we couldn’t be more pleased!!!

A few updates to note… we are branching out and making a whimsical children’s clothing line called Raven’s Nest. We are very excited to launch and I promise to keep you posted when we get everything together. Also, we are happy to announce that we will be participating in Fiesta Hermosa during Memorial Day weekend.  This will be a three day event so we are stocking up now….  While documenting this event I will make sure to tell the story of what happened when we attempted to participate for Labor Day…

Each Thursday we participate at the evening street fair in downtown Palm Springs.  Our booth is located directly across the street from the California Pizza Kitchen.  And you can always find our products in our Etsy shop at http://www.ecarlateboutique.etsy.com.  We always entertain custom projects so send us an e-mail for any inquiries at ecarlateboutique@yahoo.com.

I am working on a new post that discusses our inspiration behind our popular Dog Silhouette Pillow.  Stay tuned…

Aja & Jack Simon (my silent partner Nena / Mom is in the photo with Mr. Jack)

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  1. tara says:

    wonderful post! Your booth looks amazing – I love the framed animal portraits and can’t wait for children’s clothes! xox, T

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