Fiesta Hermosa Memorial Day Weekend

Fiesta Hermosa occurs during Memorial Day & Labor Day Weekend at the pier in Hermosa Beach CA.  We were scheduled to participate in the Labor Day show in 2011 but due to truck troubles we had to cancel.  We were devastated to say the least.  We had to prepay for the show, hotel and we had to literally wake up at the crack of dawn to break down after the curvy mountain road.  This was a significant loss when we were just starting out traveling for art festivals…

So when it was time to apply for the Memorial Day festivities, we were both nervous and excited.  To be extra safe, we drove up Friday to lounge, relax and get ready for the long weekend ahead.  We got up early to find the event and get set up.  We dropped off all of our items and decided to have my parents go to navigate the parking since it was off premise and a shuttle ride was necessary.  After about an hour and a sore back (from popping the tent solo) I got a bit concerned.   The parking was a good fifteen minute drive and the drivers were apprehensive of letting Jack ride the bus.  Everything worked out and we were able to set everything up in time.

We introduced some new items with some of our new screen prints. Above is a corner of our booth the first day.  The cats with the candles were once on our tea towels and we incorporated them on some pillows and a small framed piece.  Another new design is our Mr. and Mrs. Crow Raven.  They are little characters with some fun details.  The male has a top hat and the female has a floral bonnet.  We have three different versions.  One with the couple facing each other.  One with a larger male and another with a larger female.  Also, we have a whimsical Dachshund that is wearing a striped shirt and beret.

The first day was wonderful.  Lots of our tea towels, dog pillows and framed pieces sold.  Since Encinitas, we learned it is better to have more products and most importantly pillow inserts.  This helped out in keeping our booth looking full and increase the number of sales.

Here’s Jack on the shuttle after the first day of selling.  He did really well and the fellow passengers weren’t bothered at all with him hitching a ride.

Here is another corner shot during the second day.  We like to place different pillows together to show how our pieces play off each other well.  It is fun to throw in unexpected pillows on a daybed, bed or sofa.  In Hermosa, we had a customer who purchased our Audrey pillow and Bottoms Up pillow for her window seat near her closet.

When we travel for the shows we like to play cards in the evening to wind down.  As you can see above, Jack was beat after the second day of selling.  Poor thing, he even let me fuss with him for this photo shoot.

Here is a close up…  Creepy Eyes…

We got our hands on some fabulous 5″ x 7″ frames that have character on their own.  We had fun incorporating our smaller, whimsical screen prints on natural burlap.  They include the plexi glass and has a sweet small scaled gros grain ribbon for immediate hanging (this can be removed if you prefer).  The price ranges from $35.00 to $60.00 and the male crow / raven with the top hat is available online at I am in the process of photographing and posting the other pieces (the kitty print sold in Hermosa).  If you see something you would like to purchase send me a email to purchase.

Hermosa was tiring but overall a success.  We are glad we made the trip and the black cloud has removed itself.  We will participate during Labor Day!  I also wanted to share our new sign to show that we can fabricate custom orders.  We included a photo of one of our custom orders for a Boxer named Ziti…

We have a slow period in terms of participating in shows.  Our next show is the Renegade Los Angeles July 28th & July 29th.  You can find out more information at

Of course, we will continue at the Village Fest every Thursday in Downtown Palm Springs from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM.  We are located across the street from California Pizza Kitchen.  Also, you can find us 24 hours a day at or you can e-mail any inquiries at

Thank you and take care,

Aja Simon

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