With the summer season in full swing and the 4th of July fastly approaching, I felt a craving to share and discuss one of my favorite rustic styles “Americana”.  In between the dog’s, we always make time to create a fun interesting Americana style pillow.  We often utilize vintage Potato and feed bags mixing with interesting textiles to bring a unique twist on the classic genre.  Above we have shared two of our styles.  The pillow in the front is a kidney shaped style with a reversed applique style with a burlap feed back.  I love the playfulness of it since it says USA HOME GROWN.  A fantastic fun message!!  The larger pillow behind the “home grown” pillow is fabricated with a feed bag and is fun since it says PURINA HOG CHOW.  We paired this with a blue and cream ticking stripe which gives a nautical feel.  Great for a beach home.  We also paired it with red zipper at the back which gives a funky splash of color.

Our Home Grown Kidney pillow is available for purchase and you can take a look at our Purina Hog Chow

Above is a whimsical vintage potato sack with oranges and blues. Loved the iconic Idaho Potato motif!! I think this would fit in wonderfully in a blue and white (or cream) classic color scheme. I think it is fun to throw in a unexpected color and orange is a perfect fit!!  You can find out more information

On this particular pillow we had a whimsical print of oranges and blues (teals too). We had a blast with this pillow and loved the touch of interest this pillow provides.

Here we screen printed our dancing rabbit print. We paired this with our red and ivory ticking stripe. The ticking stripe gives the Americana feel and can be paired with our vintage burlap feed bag pillows nicely.  Our Americana version of our Dancing Hare print is available

We love gathering vintage materials and creating something unexpected. We try to fabricate our pillows with mixing prints and textures.  We love that our pillows can be mixed and matched to bring some personality to the space.

We are still participating in the Village Fest every Thursday in front of Frenchy’s and across the street from CPK.  It occurs from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM and on July 28th and July 29th will participate in the Rengade Craft Fair Los Angeles Edition.  You can visit our shop at or email me with any inquiries at

Thank you for visiting and Happy Summer!!


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