The heat is on here in Palm Springs but we have been busy bees in the ’boutique’. We here at Ecarlate always welcome and encourage custom orders. Our popular dog silhouette series is a perfect platform since customers are able to incorporate their pet’s name instead of the breed name at the print portion. While travelling or at the weekly Village Fest in downtown Palm Springs, the pillow with the breed name is sufficient. It seems to be in our Etsy sales where people will pounce on the opportunity to personalize their pillow. Furthermore, these pillows serve as excellent gifts because who doesn’t adore their dog???

Above is an order from a thoughtful husband who purchased pillows for his wife to celebrate their anniversary. It is based upon our LAB pillow and our MUTT. You can find these at


Above is our ivory pug pillow that someone purchase for their friend who was in the hospital and misses her new Pug puppy Frankie. In this case, she decided to make the embroidery collar red instead of black. You can find this item at

We have still been participating each and every Thursday in Palm Springs’ Village Fest.  The summers are brutal but we still were able to meet many nice people and enjoy getting out and showcasing our work.  If in the area, pay us a visit.  We are across the street from California Pizza Kitchen and in front of “Frenchy’s”.  It is on Palm Canyon every Thursday from 7 PM till 10:00 PM (summer hours).

We are excited to participate in the Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles on July 28th and 29th.  If in the Los Angeles area stop by.  It appears to be a fantastic event.  For more information, visit

We are also happy to be creating new designs.  I try to keep them posted as quickly as we make them.  We are developing many new screen print designs.  You can take a look at or request to be on our mailing list to be e-mailed when we have a new item.  You can e-mail us for this request or any other at

Take care,

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