Renegade Los Angeles

I wanted to begin with an apology since I have been tardy in getting this blog post in since after our Renegade Craft Fair two weeks ago.  We had to begin working away to get ready for our even August 12th in San Diego (Cityfest in Hillcrest). We participated last year and had a blast!

Last week we had family visit and this included our little Scarlet who was gracious enough to let us put a dress on her to see the fit and even did a little modeling for us. This tunic dress is a one of a kind and is for a 4-5 year old (Scarlet is 5 so you can see that for a four year old it would be longer but can still be paired with a pair of leggings). You can find this piece on our website

We have been on Etsy since 2010 and participating in out of town art festivals for a little over a year. When we knew that it was time to branch out to art festivals I took a look through a Etsy blog and discovered the Renegade Craft Fairs. What caught my eye at that time is that they held a event during the summer in San Francisco. Since we have family in San Francisco, I thought it would be perfect!! We haven’t ventured yet further than a two hour drive so needless to say it was difficult determining whether we should participate in SF or LA. We finally decided on LA to test the waters and see if we like the promoters etc. I have to say that it was a huge success and we will be loading the truck and heading up to SF July 2013…

Here is the best overall photo of our booth layout. We came to a determination that we need to alter our booth layout for spaces that are strict on the 10 x 10. We get spoiled in the PS street fair since we can spill over the 10 x 10 space and it really opens up the room. At this point, the more the merrier and it can become crammed with our current layout with tables.

Here is a different angle of the right facing corner. We got some metal cube shelves that are perfect for our dog pillows! We can pile them in there perfectly. We also brought our children’s clothing line to debut. We got some orders on that front, as well as, lots of lookers which is never a bad thing.

Here is a shot of our rack that we put together with our children’s clothing line. This is the first time we showcased this line at a fair so we were testing things out. This stand came from a antique floor lamp that we adapted to work for a “rack”. While it served its purpose, we now feel that a suspended rod is more necessary to showcase more inventory and allowing the pieces to be more accessible to patrons. We have come to the conclusion that shelves would best utilize the space properly while still having large amounts of inventory. I have to admit though the children’s line was definitely a eye catcher!

We constantly have gothic inspired pieces in our line. I have noticed a spike in views and purchases of our Raven pieces. I wanted to share our kidney pillow with our couple of crows screen print. I love this item and find it simply charming. The cover costs $32 ($34 with the insert) and measures 12″ x 18″. We also have the screen print of the male crow and the female crow but larger. I find these pillows to be interesting on his / hers chairs, bed treatment and a great wedding gift… You can find the kidney pillow at

We’re off to Hillcrest this weekend and on Labor Day in Hermosa Beach for the Labor Day event.  As always, we participate in the Village Fest in Palm Springs every Thursday.  With the season fastly approaching, we are excited to share our new products…

Visit our website for more information on projects and you can always e-mail us directly with any questions or custom order requests.  /

Aja Simon


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