Hillcrest’s CityFest San Diego CA

This was the second year we have participated in the CityFest event in San Diego California.  This event is fun and very lively.  It is a one dayer so it turns out to be a sixteen hour day said and done but well worth the effort.

Here is one of our decorative pillows that was quite popular.  The front is a block printed linen with beautiful teals, sea foam and green color tones.  Perfect for that beach decor!!  At the center is screen printed mosaic style sea horses in white.  This cover costs $36.00 and can be found at https://www.etsy.com/listing/96420367/decorative-throw-pillow-cushion-cover

As I mentioned in my last post, we have been toying with different layouts.  Our goal is to utilize our space efficiently while opening the spaces so more people can pile in at one time.  One great investment is these black metal cubes that can be easily put together and disassemble.  It is great for space and I love how we were able to showcase our dog’s best friend pillow covers.  I feel that it looks clean and with three levels we were able to put many pillows in the space.  As usual, our dog inspired pillows were very popular.  Especially our Pugs, the San Diegians must love their pugs…

Here is another shot of our new metal cubes.  We also got three large scale shelving units.  We are still trying to play with the placement and feel that at our next out of town show we will have the perfect spot for them…

Another popular item at all of our shows that I wanted to share, is our Audrey Hepburn pillow.  It is from the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s and is a perfect gift!  We have many variations of this pillow (and other items) and the one that is shown is with a hand cut deep red felt scallop trim.  This provides a nice pop of color that coordinates nicely with the Audrey screen print.  This cover costs $34.00 and can be found at https://www.etsy.com/listing/103043923/decorative-throw-pillow-cushion-cover

Now for the complaints…  We live in Palm Springs and August is the pits!  We thought, hey San Diego will be a nice break.  Boy, was I WRONG.  It was a heat wave and almost unbearable.  Since we are connected to our neighbors, we bring our white side walls in order to see our items more effectively.  I felt like I was in a Easy Bake Oven to put it mildly.  Or more accurately, a barbeque chicken or a pig with an apple in my mouth….  Poor Jack didn’t know whether to sit, stand or lay down so this is not the most flattering photo of him…  Hopefully, Hermosa Beach will provide the break we are looking for….

Labor Day weekend we are participating at the Fiesta Hermosa event. It is September 1st-September 3rd. Hopefully, our display will be all ironed out by then. As usual, we will be at the Village Fest every Thursday evening 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM (summer hours). You can also find us 24 hours a day at our Etsy shop


or e-mail me directly with any questions or if you would like to join our mailing list ecarlateboutique@yahoo.com

Stay cool this summer!


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