Hermosa – Labor Day Edition

Last weekend (Labor Day) we were fortunate enough to beat the heat and sell our wares in Hermosa Beach, CA for the biannually Fiesta Hermosa.  We participated for the Memorial Day holiday so we sort of knew the ropes in terms of where to go etc.  We were located in the same spot but this time we had no neighbors on the left of the booth so we were able to take down one of our sides and operate in a corner which really opening things up.  We were slightly disappointed when we showed up on Monday to find neighbors but made the best of it.  Below is a shot of me inside the booth.  We changed up the layout slightly, used bookshelves the right of me.  I was very happy with the layout and it translated to a very successful holiday weekend.

With autumn in the air (not really in our neck of the woods) we decided to add some more Halloween pillows.  We don’t really go into the “oranges” for Halloween and think that the neutral palette of black, ivory and beige allows the more gothic customer to use our items year around.  Below you will find a “Gypsy Witch” kidney pillow.  You can find this particular pillow (and more) on our website and directly to this link https://www.etsy.com/listing/55101555/decorative-kidney-pillow-cushion-cover

We were able to brink Jack but rather than traumatize him on the shuttle my dad dropped us off in the morning and left early to catch the shuttle to pick us up.  It worked out perfectly since there was an altercation the first day on the shuttle and the poor guy would have been crawled up on our laps shivering.  Jack really is the star and has strangers come up to give him kisses.

Here is a more conclusive shot of our booth. We were able to get a more stable garment rack. Once again, our Raven’s Nest children’s clothing was a hit and hooked some customers to come into the booth and look around.

Our next show is in Del Mar for the Harvest Festival October 19th – October 21st.  We participate each Thursday in Palm Spring’s Village Fest 7:00-10:00 PM (Summer hours) October the hours change to 6:00-10:00 PM. Please e-mail with any questions or we’re available 24 hours a day on our Etsy shop http://www.ecarlateboutique.etsy.com

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