Vintage Shopping 101

One thing that I love to do when I have free time is go to the antique & vintage stores. This is a common past time with my family as well. I love to find items and somehow incorporate it into my product lines. This is a way to get a one of a kind piece and get into the whole upcycled feel that is so important today.  I have shared that my dad is beginning to put his mechanical talents to use for our Ecarlate Boutique shop (he uses them for other uses on a daily basis).  He has fabricated a handful lamps and decorative hanging light fixtures by using recycled materials.  This gives us a great incentive to spend a afternoon doing something I enjoy doing anyway.  I feel that it really isn’t “work” if you are enjoying what you are doing.

This is a very interesting piece. It is repurposed and was originally a warning light. My dad reconfigured it to make it a table lamp or a floor lamp / up light. Also, with the proper support it could be a wall sconce or a ceiling pendant. The silver finish gives this a industrial feel while the port hole gives it a unique nautical effect.  This piece can be found at

This pillow front was a vintage Vera scarf. My sister found this item in a vintage shop in Portland, OR. I love the retro / mid century feel of this piece. We pieced it together with a black and beige ticking stripe along with black cording at the seam. It would look great with a black and white scheme where the yellow would provide a nice pop of color!  This piece is a one of a kind and could be found at

My dad made this piece from a vintage washing machine tub. We are back and forth of whether to paint it. I personally like the raw weathered look since I think it makes it more industrial. This would be fabulous to hang over a dining table or in a entry. What is nice is that it is large enough to make that statement!! You can find this piece at

This piece is my mom’s but I love the chunky artistic feel it has. We have a vintage sister Etsy shop called Dormouse Vintage Shoppe. I post things that don’t really fit into Ecarlate’s shop. All items are vintage and rare finds. This pendant can either be used as a pin or loop a piece of gros grain ribbon and you have a fabulous necklace. You can find this item at In the photo you’ll find a dress we made for a family friend. This too is posted on our website and can be found at

This is another piece out of Dormouse Vintage Shoppe. It is a lovely native american piece that would look fantastic with business cards or a catch all on your desk or nightstand. I love the colors and feel that they are relevant even after over thirty years. You can find this piece at

If treasure hunting is something  you would enjoy doing just do it.  A few things to remember is not to feel pressured to purchase something.  If you think the cost is too high then don’t buy it.  However, if you do find something whether it needs tweaking or not take the plunge.  Wear comfy shoes (I learned this the hard way) and make sure not to get your blood sugar too low this could end up in disaster:)   Most importantly, HAVE FUN.

The weather is beginning to get better and the nights are lovely.  Just in time for our local weekly street fair to expand their hours for the season beginning this Thursday (October 4th).  We are located in across the street from California Pizza Kitchen each week from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM.  We will be participating at the Harvest Festival in Del Mar California at the Fairgrounds on October 19th – October 21st for more information visit

Email to request to be put on our mailing list at and visit our Etsy shop at we are constantly adding new items in time for the holiday season and can always take in custom orders.

Take Care,

Aja Simon

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One Response to Vintage Shopping 101

  1. Tami Uziel says:

    Hi Aja, Nina and Mike,

    Just wanted you to know I love following your adventures. I also had an idea for “The Company”. have you thought of tote bags? Same as pillows except with handles and maybe a snap on top. Ticking in back. What do you think. Anyhow, keep up the good work and Happy New Year. Love, tami

    Sent from my iPad

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