Harvest Festival Pomona

We have been busy with the holidays and I apologize for neglecting our blog. I wanted to catch everyone up with a few events we participated in and our plans for the new year.  The first weekend of December we participated in the Harvest Festival’s Pomona show which was their last show of the year and right before the holidays.  This was the first time we did this particular show so expectations were unclear.  We worked like busy bees to prepare for the show and stuck to our basic layout since it has been successful during the past few shows.  Again, this was an indoor show so we benefited from the perks that this has to offer.  Thankfully, it was indoors since it poured rain during the duration of the show.

Below is an overall shot of our booth.  The shelves were very helpful to keep some overflow pillows.  Now that it is the new year, we are thinking of a different approach to have a shelving system that the shelves themselves aren’t so thick and do not cast as large of a shadow.
We are happy to report that our thoughts were true.  Everyone was eager to purchase since the holidays were around the corner and we were very happy with the Harvest Festival’s Pomona Show.

pomona 01

Here is a shot of the back main wall.  We like to keep our dog & cat silhouette pillows here.  They tend to the most popular and the most in numbers.  We had to make inserts at the hotel during the evening to make sure we had enough stock throughout the show.  I am glad that we took this approach since throughout the show we were able to keep the booth looking well stocked.

pomona 03

Here is a shot that showed our girl’s clothing.  We like to keep these towards the front since they were eye catchers… pomona 05

Here is our area where we keep our tea towels.  We found the stand while vintage shopping in the higher desert.  It was a great find.  All we did was paint it black and we were ready to go.  We also placed my dad’s light fixture here as a nice warm touch.  Also, love the lighting it gives to the area.pomona 06

An overall view of the booth… pomona 07  Jack wasn’t allow to come along but he was there in spirit…  We are thankful for the wonderful year 2012 had to offer and am enthusiastic for 2013.  pud 01

January will give us some breathing room that is greatly needed.  We are still at the Village Fest every Thursday from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM in Downtown Palm Springs.  Also, we just joined the Palm Springs Open Air Market Saturday (we are testing things out for January).  This is at the Agua Caliente Casino and occurs every Saturday from 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM.  You can visit us 24 hrs a day at http://www.ecarlateboutique.etsy.com or via e-mail at ecarlateboutique@yahoo.com.  we have other great things happening and cannot wait to update you on all of our exiting events.

Happy New Year,
Aja Simon

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