Modernism Vintage Trailer Show in Palm Springs

We had the pleasure to participate at the Vintage Trailer Show for Modernism in Palm Springs CA.  I am sorry it has taken me so long to get my act together to post (it has been just about a month since we participated).  I suppose better late than never…

trailer 229

Here I am posing in front of one of the trailers on display. I am in a chipper mood since we just finished setting up and I have my morning coffee.

trailer 226

Here is our booth.  We are excited to have a smaller ‘feature’ table in the front.  We were able to include the trailer pillows and our child’s mannequin…

trailer 246

Here is a photo of Maria Zang & Shelly Hough Clark at their booth “Girls in the Pick of Things”.  Shelly makes fantastic vintage inspired aprons and messenger bags and Maria makes jewelry and terrariums.  They also have fantastic vintage goodies they find during their picking adventures.

trailer 240

This is Thatch.  They sell vintage items and had the brilliant idea of using a vintage trailer as their travelling shop.  The inside was repurposed to accommodate their items and turned out beautiful!  It was really inspiring and innovative.  You can find them online at

trailer 234

Here is one of my favorites and this trailer won best in style.  I simply love the color combos and attention to detail.

trailer 205

I also loved this little gem.  I liked the mint green paired with black and white.  The owners run “the canned ham man” who specialize in renovating trailers.

trailer 245

Here is our direct neighbor. This is a sassy, shabby chic trailer and author of “glamping”. The color scheme was light pink, black and white with other girlie details. You can find out more about glamping on

trailer 104

We created a screen specially for the occasion.  We have wanted the vintage feel of the trailers for some time and were able to incorporate it into our design.  I only wish that we had more to offer since they seemed to be popular among the trailer owners.  Also, would have loved to have more colors and maybe a few tea towels… You can purchase the pillows at either or

trailer dress 05

We also found a vintage fabric that we were able make a girl’s dress from. We also added a new detail that we will be using with our other dresses, the felt scallop detail that we use on our pillows along the hem. You can find the dress for purchase at

hitch 01

We also included our new Alfred Hitchcock screenprint. It is fun to place him with our raven screenprint pillow…

red tile

Red Tile Studio is a shop on Etsy that I have admired. They have created some of their pieces with vintage inspired trailers. For the theme, I thought it would be appropriate to include them…×5?ref=shop_home_active&ga_search_query=trailer

Visit us to check out our new items.  Our next fair is the Avocado Festival in Fallbrook, CA the third Sunday of April.  We are still at the Village Fest in Downtown Palm Springs every Thursday 6:00 – 10:00 PM.  Or, you can visit us 24 hrs a day on or e-mail us at

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