On Display Crib or Daybed Edition

Since we have begun showing at arts and crafts shows, we have been constantly tweaking and adjusting our display to make our product look the best and to give the ambiance of a small boutique.  We do a weekly street fair, out of town outdoor shows and some indoor shows.  It has always been a goal to find a unique metal daybed but haven’t been able to find the right item that will suit our needs so we put the need of a daybed at the bottom of our priority list…

crib 01

One day we were leaving our workroom and our neighbor, had four metal ornate pieces leaning against the wall.  Then it clicked, this is what we need for our indoor shows to look like a sofa or antique daybed.  We asked the next day where he found the piece (originally a crib) and he stated that he didn’t have a use for it and we were free to have it (in exchange for some car work from my dad).

crib 02Our wheels began turning, we began pinning to find pieces that we could use as inspiration for our display.  Since the crib sits lower than a traditional daybed or sofa, we had to build up the seat.  We got some foam core from a local upholsterer and were originally going to make cushion covers these  but found that the height was still not right.  We then found some interesting cushions that we would be able to use to build up the height and luckily, the colors in the stripes were just perfect.

crib 03

The only problem we then faced was that the cushions were not deep enough… and would not conceal the foam core at the base of the daybed. crib 04

We solved the problem of the exposed foam core by adjusting a taupe bed skirt we had.  It was interesting because it had some beautiful horizontal pleats.  We wanted it to pop some so I added a paisley stencil and floral border along the front.

crib 05

We had some mohair cushions that we were able to put in the back.  It was perfect because it solved our problem with the cushion depth and we had another level to put more pillows across. guac 03

This is our finished product.  We participated at the Avocado festival in Fallbrook and thought that we would test out the daybed display.  For the most part we were pleased with the outcome.  Since the daybed is not the most stable we had to warn our patrons not to sit so a sign might be in order for the future.  I also think that for the purpose of outdoor shows we will stick with our tables and cubes but am excited to use this for an indoor show that we are doing in June.  And, it is nice to know it is ready to go when June arrives.

Another adjustment, is to have a shelf above so we can display more pillows…

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guac 04

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One Response to On Display Crib or Daybed Edition

  1. tara says:

    Beautiful display!!!

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