Contemporary Craft Market

It has been almost a week after our participation at the Contemporary Craft Market in Santa Monica, CA and I am just getting back into the swing of things.   We applied to this show a year in advance and to be honest I was really nervous.  I think nerves always kick in when something is new and another part was the high quality of the other participants.  Would we fit in, what would be popular, etc…

We arrived the Thursday before the show and things couldn’t be more smooth as far as set up.  We were in a large tent over grass which was cozy.  Our booth layout was comfortable and we were able to place our product in a way that made sense.  Below is a shot of our more fancy pillows which we almost sold out of by Saturday.  We also mixed in our new felt pillows which gave a nice pop of color.

We missed the President’s visit to Palm Springs that weekend but he did stop by in Santa Monica on Friday which we were happy to be so close.  Unfortunately, tragedy hit nearby at Santa Monica College.  Everyone at the event was worried as the events unfolded.

ccm 01

Below is a overall shot of our layout.  We didn’t use our crib as a daybed but did utilize the sides vertically for our tea towels (I think this display of tea towels will be our final go around) and extra dog breed pillow covers.  I also got a metal folding chairs so the days of my perching on the ice chest are long behind me.
ccm 06

Here is a photo of my dad and I (Happy Father’s Day by the way) the morning before the show.  We were ready with coffees in hand…

ccm 08

My mom got to take some photos of our fellow artists. These ceramic totem poles were amazing. I loved the colors and they can be customized by rearranging the pieces. Also, they had shorter pieces planted into bronze planter which was a nice detail. For more information you can visit their website at

ccm 106

Dale Brown was an artist around the corner who specializes in sculptures utilizing vintage pieces such as doll heads and tin cans of nutmeg to name a few. I am really drawn to her work since it is making something old into new art and I am attracted to the whimsy gothic undertones. You can visit her website for more pieces at

ccm 103

Across the aisle, there was a ceramic artist which is very talented. Her three dimensional art pieces included actual sculptures and three dimensional art that can be hung on the wall. I love her color choices. For more information you can visit her at

ccm 101

Since our trip, we have been working on some new Halloween pieces. I know, it is never to early to do so. I think depending on color, Halloween Décor is something that can be used year around. For instance, our new witch series incorporates our felt pillow techniques. We used the fun bright green (Wizard of Oz anyone) and otherwise the pillow a neutral color scheme. You can visit this item (and many more forthcoming)

Another discussion my mom and I had were playing with the Witches names. This particular witch is named Delia and the goblins and ghouls call her Dee for short. We also created Ruby who is the leader of all of our witches…


Thankfully, we have some downtime before being on the go again. I will keep everyone updated with new items we come up with. I have promised myself to work on some more Americana pieces with some potato sacks we have in our workroom. Tomorrow in celebration of Father’s Day, we are going to breakfast and vintage hunting. Hopefully, we will have some goodies to have available in our Dormouse Vintage Shoppe and others to repurpose for Ecarlate.

We will be at the Village Fest every Thursday evening (new summer hours are in effect) 7-10 PM across the street from CPK. Of course we are available 24 / 7 at our Etsy shop or by e-mail Remember, custom orders are welcomed and encouraged so feel free to send over some inquiries. For more photos of our Contemporary Craft Market event you can visit our Facebook Page Also, like us for more new photos of custom items and new items and to keep informed about upcoming events and specials.

Have a happy and safe summer!!


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