Mixing and Matching Decor

I love writing this blog!  I was enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon when I received a message on my blog…  It was from a previous customer from our local street fair who wanted to purchase some more items for his home.  Since, he couldn’t locate our card he was able to find us through our blog.

After a few emails back and forth, I discovered that he purchased one of our bee screen print pillows on burlap.  He sent over a photo so it would trigger our memory and wanted a pillow to put in the second chair (but wanted this pillow to be a bee hive).  It was perfect since we had this screen print.  He also wanted to have our Audrey Hepburn pillow with the green felt trim for a Victorian chair he had.

room 101
Above is a shot of the chair with our bee pillow.  It looks great paired with these mid century modern chair.  I love how he mixed and matched his furniture pieces.
custom order 01

He ordered the bee hive to match the bee pillow and our Audrey Hepburn with green trim.

custom order 02

I wanted to show a shot of how you receive a pillow when you order from us. Great for gift giving.

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