Pom Poms

Over the weekend we got in an order for three of our pom pom pillows.  We wanted to share the final product with you since they photograph so well.  Also, the bright colors make this style more fun and whimsical.

Our customer purchased a Pug kidney with three raspberry pink pom pom tassels at the top border, a black lab kidney with two raspberry pink pom pom tassels at each side and a Westie over oatmeal with a pumpkin orange pom pom tassels at each side.

custom 01

We got a great shot of the pillows wrapped up with our business cards that we wanted to share.  This is how we shipped our pillows wrapped with a gros grain ribbon bow.
custom 02
We are surviving the heat this summer. There has been record heat in June (122 degrees) and the mountain fire. All is well now but it has been a rough summer to say the least. We continue to show in our local street fair every Thursday from 7:00-10:00. August 11th, we will be at the CityFest in Hillcrest (San Diego). This is always an exciting event to participate in.

You can visit either our Etsy shop or our 3BStreet Shop, http://www.ecarlateboutique.etsy.com / http://store.3bstreet.com/ecarlate-39 or you can e-mail with any questions ecarlateboutique@yahoo.com

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