Custom Order – Bird Watching

We get requests for custom orders often and try to share our notable orders.  I like to show how the options are endless and these pillows can customized for your home decor.  The original pillow that started the custom order going was our 16″ x 16″ sparrow screen print bird over our black and ivory ticking stripe and gray and mustard scallop trim.

sparrow 02


Our customer liked this photo but wanted to visualize the scale on her sofa.  I personally like the clean lines of the clean white background but did take the pillow home to get a few shots of the sparrow on a sofa and chair.  My sofa back is pretty high so I thought an additional shot in one of my vintage mid century white chairs would also help her.

sparrow 104 sparrow 101

Our customer was nervous of the standard size 16″ x 16″ being higher than her sofa back.  We discussed making this pillow a kidney lumber shape and found that with the dimensions of the Sparrow it wouldn’t work to get the overall design element of the original pillow.  We provided some alternate bird options for her and she decided upon our couple of crows screen print.

custom order bird 02 custom order bird 01

Above is the final result.  The dimensions worked out perfectly for the pillow and still has the pop of color with the trim.

We are still showing weekly at the Palm Springs Village Fest and the next out of town show will be October 18th – 20th in Del Mar, CA.

You can also visit us online or e-mail directly

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