Holiday Rush

It is always hard to anticipate what will be popular and what will not. Many times, there will be an item that you as an artist loves and it sits on the shelf for months and months. Other times, there will be something that you are indifferent about and it goes right away. The gauge is always hard to anticipate. With that said, we are getting ready for our next show in October in Del Mar and want to have enough product to go around so we have been mixing our popular screen prints with blue and white ticking stripe as well as red and white. We wanted to share the outcome since they turned out pretty cute. We thought they would be fun in a nursery or kids room as well as being thrown on a lounge chair or sofa.

boston 601

This is one of our first screen prints.  It is a Boston Terrier or Black and White French Bulldog.  It has been on many different designs of pillows.

boston 604

We paired the two together and loved how they looked!!  It gives a fantastic Americana feel…

boston 701

Here it is solo in blue.  A lovely nautical feel.

pug 501, pug 504

pug 601

Here are the Pug Versions… &

Officially, our season hours at the Village Fest in Palm Springs every Thursday begin at 6:00 till 10:00 PM.  And, we will be participating at the Harvest Festival in Del Mar, CA.  We have some VIP tickets so let us know if you will be in the Del Mar area October 18th – October 20th

You can visit us online at or email directly at

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