Harvest Festival – Del Mar 2013

The day(s) came and went… We have been preparing for our grown up indoor set up for awhile. We have done indoor shows before but never with freestanding pvc pipe and drape walls. We usually made it work with our tent and never was completely happy with the set up. It worked out for the best since we found out a week prior that we were going to have 15′ x 10′ to work with rather than the standard 10′ x 10′. This extra five feet gave us extra space to spread out a bit and showcase our items.

del mar 10 13 del mar 10 13 02
We used my grandmother’s desk to have a checkout station.  This is great to keep organized and have a place to perch front and center to greet customers while they enter.  It sure beats scaring them crouched in the corner in the shadows…
del mar 10 13 06  del mar 10 13 05
We made the peg board stands for hanging our prints and had a well organized tea towel section.  We used decorative cabinet hardware to give some interest and had sections of decorative pillows here and there to give different levels of products.
del mar 10 13 07 del mar 10 13 08del mar 10 13 04 del mar 10 13 03 del mar 10 13 09

Since it was in October, we had the top level of the shelving section dedicated to our Halloween pillows. This kept our booth festive while staying true to our design aesthetic.

You can visit our Etsy shop for more information about any of our products http://www.ecarlateboutique.etsy.com or e-mail directly with any questions ecarlateboutique@yahoo.com

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