2014 Goals

holiday 03

Hope everyone had a happy holiday season and their new year is off to a great start.  We had a busy busy holiday season this year and am very grateful for the new year to start with lots of goals set up.  I love how fresh the new year can be and it is nice to get back into the swing of old routines that get askewed during the mad holiday dash.

With that said, I wanted to share some of our New Years goals both for our business and personal life.  On the business side: I want to get a ‘stand alone’ website.  A website where someone could purchase directly from the store without going through our Etsy store.  I still want to maintain and keep the Etsy store going (have had no issues and am really happy with the service) but think that having a stand alone website is the natural next step for expansion.  There are many services available but now it is just a matter of narrowing down what would work best for me.  I have hear great things about ‘weebly’, ‘supa dupa’ and ‘shopify’ and know that it needs to be a easy set up for me to do it alone.  A learning process for sure!  I think I got the idea that I need to purchase the domain name.   I cannot wait until this goal is met and I can share the new website with you.  Right now Supadupa is winning the race.

We have also been playing with the concept of creating a ‘logo’ and how our domain name will be and lots of branding issues.

Me at my friend's Maria's store opening.  She was nice enough to have a few of our pillows displayed.

Me at my friend’s Maria’s store opening. She was nice enough to have a few of our pillows displayed.

maria 03 maria 02 maria 01

During the holidays, I moved from a small condo to a small house.  There are pros and cons to both spaces but a major pro is I now have a small yard for Hunter to play in.  It is fun.  We are keeping up our yard and have a small pool when it starts getting hot.  One of my personal goals for 2014, is to put together a small garden.  For one, I think it looks great and secondly it will be nice to have herbs for cooking.  I want to share my progress with you.

Another goal I wanted to implement into 2014 would be to write more blog posts about my ‘renovation’, herb garden trials & fails and different recipes I attempt to fulfill my 95% gluten free lifestyle stay tuned, hay new year.

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One Response to 2014 Goals

  1. Want to mention that my friend Maria’s store is named Made-That Design Gallery and is located in the Backstreet Art District in Palm Springs. A fabulous community. She has many unique and beautiful items for sale and has a fun yard / bake sale every Saturday. Check out her facebook page for more information and details https://www.facebook.com/pages/Made-that-Design-Gallery/243190112511505 Her address is 2680 Cherokee Way
    Palm Springs, California 92264

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