DIY – Dying Glass for Light Fixture

After my recent move, I got motivated to have my house presentable. Okay, I moved in November and my list is still long but there are some things I can do (inexpensively) and easily in order to get my house where I want it. My first “DIY” project is the front light fixture. It came with a standard (and somewhat ugly) clear jar. My boyfriend purchased the $6 ribbed jars from Lowes and the bulb is just too bright. Feels a bit like Alkatraz… So I have seen the DIY dye glass projects primarily for new mason jars to look antiqued and have some color. Easy enough…
diy glass paint 01 diy glass paint 01

Here is a shot of my supplies along with the ‘finished project’. Please keep in mind that these are not waterproof so do not use water with flowers with this project.

First, I preheated my oven to 200 degrees (the lowest setting).  I have seen other formulas where they had the oven set as low as 175 degrees but do think that it will take longer to ‘bake’ in the color dye.

All you need for this project is a small amount of Mod Podge (I also saw that Elmer’s Glue will work but cannot speak from experience) food coloring (I used the cheap gel food coloring from Target for less than $3), water and a oven.

diy glass paint 02 diy glass paint 03

So, I mixed the Mod Podge (2 teaspoons), Water (1 teaspoon) and food coloring. For my finished product I used three drops of the turquoise and one / one and a half drops of the purple.

Then the boyfriend Chris (who snatched from my hand and wouldn’t let me use the photo of the process) poured the dyed Mod Podge and slowly poured up and down the glass jar until the jar is coated with the dye.  It will be milky (after you bake it will become clear a indicator of whether you are done).  I think the ribs were troublesome and would have more success if we used a smooth surface (note for the future).  Anyhow, line a baking sheet with parchment paper and aluminum foil (I had the foil below the parchment paper).  I think wax paper would suffice if that is what you have on hand.  Let the jar back upside down for three minutes and remove w/ pot holder and rub the gunky portion of the dye / glue from the rim (as seen in above photo). Throw away wax / parchment paper and place back on foil up right and put back in oven.

diy glass paint 04 diy glass paint 05

The above photo is the final project.  While you bake the jar will become more clear and that is how you gauge when it is done. If you see any milky portion or runs simply keep baking.  Again, I think the ribs did pose a problem and there is some streaks here and there that I don’t think would have happened if I used a standard mason jar. But it will do for now. I know that you can wash with soap and water and try other colors if you are not happy with the color. I think a grey might work better for my front porch so I might give this DIY project another stab…

Visit our Etsy shop and follow our blog. 2014 is the year of DIY for me and I would love to share my insight of how things go…

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One Response to DIY – Dying Glass for Light Fixture

  1. Amazing hue of blue achieved. Good job and Thank you! Love the tips – xoxox, T

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