‘Buddy System’


As a vendor at the Palm Springs Village Fest, I really do not get a chance to get out and meet the other vendors beyond the block.  My dad does get out and about and meet a few and one gentleman really got his attention.  AD Fitzsimons wrote “Buddy System” that explores the process and first hand experience of obtaining a guide dog.  My dad purchased a book from him (available at the Palm Springs Village Fest) and read it very quickly.  As lab owners and lovers ourselves, he found the book so inspirational that he got a personalized chocolate lab pillow from us for HARRY.  Harry, is AD Fitzsimons third guide dog.

If you get a chance, swing by and find out more about his story.  If you cannot make it for any reason, the book is also available on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Buddy-System-Behind-Scenes-Tell-All/dp/B006XLILF6

We are getting ready for the Street Fair tonight but can be reached through our website http://www.ecarlateboutique.etsy.com or email ecarlateboutique@yahoo.com



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