DIY Project – Bathroom Window Treatment

After moving into the house, I realized quickly a some sort of window treatment was needed for my bathroom.  The area was really exposed and I just felt uncomfortable.  I thought I would do something simple and maybe even screen print a light weight cotton we use for our pillows.


One day we had to make a Joann’s run and I found this charming Greek Key geometric in the perfect color pallet.  This fabric was a far better choice compared to my original concept.  I didn’t purchase right away and decided to do so on my next run.  Well, I almost lost out since someone else had their eye on it as well so I had to follow her like a stalker until she changed her mind for another product.  Close call!!


Rhe fabric is by Mod Kid Studio and is inexpensive.  About $12.99 per yard and really inexpensive with the weekly Joann’s coupons for 40% off…


There was already a rod in place. It was white and blended into the wall. I simply painted it black with a cheap bottle of spray paint to a nice contrast.


I like the look of ‘tabs’ to hook the drapery through.  I had a ribbon trim that was in a nice flax / taupe color with navy blue stitching detail.  I felt that this detail set my window treatment apart from a store bought look.


After taking my measurements of what size I wanted. I hemmed the top and bottom using a iron to make sure that the seams are straight and tidy.


I used my guide on my sewing machine and made sure that the seam was as straight as possible.  I used white thread since the print was in white and it blended well.


I then took the ribbon to see what length looked best.


I then pinned the tabs on the top hem and did my best to make sure that they were the same lengths.


I sewed each ‘tab’ and went back and forth to make sure the ‘tab’ was as secure as possible. Once this was done, I was able to loop the drapery through.


I now folded my custom DIY window treatment and it is now ready for installation.


My boyfriend installed the rod & window treatment and I was really happy with my brand new privacy shade.. The fabric was a perfect fit.  I also felt a sense of relief that a creeper could not longer sneak a peek… I added a framed drawing by my friend Terry Stephens, Architect which filled up the funny niche in the wall perfectly.

I will continue to take you with me through my journey of odd ball DIY projects to improve my home life.  As I do this, I continue to run my home décor boutique Ecarlate Boutique.  You can visit me online at & or e-mail directly for any questions or tips  We are also on Facebook, Twitter @EcarlateBlush and brand new to Instagram

Thank you!!

Aja Simon

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