Hot Potato

Hot Potato! We have always enjoyed upcycling products and incorporating them in our product line.  Since the beginning, we have been using burlap potato sacks & feed bags and implementing their best features into our pillows.  One of our first big Etsy orders was a 16″ x 16″ ticking stripe pillow with the POTATOES attached by using a reversed applique technique.  This customer bought four for her rocking chairs and later bought a set of four felt tree applique pillows for the fall season.
potatoes photo op 04
As our taste and design evolved, we began offering these upcycled beauties in a kidney / lumbar version.  What we try to do since it all depends on what potato / feed sack we receive, is make each pillow a little different to make it ‘One Of A Kind’ and essentially unique.  We try to play with the buttons and different ticking stripe colors.  We have found that 50 pound bags work best (dimensionally / proportionally) but will use a 100 pound bag if in a pinch.  Above are two current kidney pillows we have in our stock.  They come from the same bag.  The POTATOES is paired with a khaki ticking stripe and rustic wooden buttons while the BLUE BIRD is paired with a bluish grey ticking stripe and bright red buttons that are in the shape of a flower.

They can be found at and
potatoes photo op 02
Again, the three stacked pillows above are from the same potato bag.  The bottom does not have a word but rather a image of the BLUE BIRD logo.  We made this one slightly larger in shape and looped taupe ribbon with navy blue stitching over the red buttons.  This is paired with the blue ticking stripe.  This can be found at
potatoes 401
Here’s a close up of the BLUE BIRD kidney pillow
potatoes 301
Here’s a close up of our current POTATOES…
potatoes 101
Above is a photo of a POTATOES we have done in the past.
potatoes photo op 06

I wanted to share the original potato bag we purchased.

It has been fun working with these vintage playful materials.  We brought one of the POTATOES to the Village Fest about a month ago and within that time we have had special requests from people to have one made from them.  Needless to say, one or two do have Idaho roots…

You can visit me online at & or

You can e-mail directly for any questions or tips  We are also on Facebook, Twitter @EcarlateBlush and brand new to Instagram

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