Spring into Blue

One of the most classic color schemes is blue and white. It is crisp, clean and extremely adaptable.  Furthermore, there are so many shades of blue to go off of while throwing in a splash of another color makes this scheme a unexpected success.

blue 04

This room was designed by Kay Douglass.  I love the simplicity of the slip covered sofas and clean lines of the coffee table while throwing in punches with the unconventional light fixtures and framed art.  This room embodies the traditional / transitional nature of a blue and white scheme.

blue 07

Here is one of our pillows utilizing the blue and white scheme. The fabric is a ikat that plays with different shades of blue over a white background.  We paired the ikat with a daffodil screen print over a wheat colored natural burlap.  This pillow gives a finishing touch to a sofa, lounge chair or bed treatment.  I decided to photograph it with my white cement robin that is on my front porch.  You can find this pillow either on my website http://www.ecarlateblush.com/collections/insect-print-pillows/products/daffodil-flower-hand-print-pillow-blue-and-white-ikat-print-design or in my Etsy store https://www.etsy.com/listing/75802941/blue-and-white-ikat-throw-pillow-cushion?ref=shop_home_feat_1

blue 02

I love how the blue and white is paired with the darkness of the wood beamed ceiling in this room.  There are a lot of patterns in this room but what makes it work for me is the fact that there is a common thread of blue and white.  Also, the large window and solid ivory coffee table allow the prints to shine.

blue 01

Here is a beautiful aqua and I included this room since it is not your traditional blue and white. It is bright playful and gives a funky retro edge.  The splash of pink in the photograph finishes the space perfectly.  It was designed by Jennifer Duneier and she was inspired by Easter and dying of Easter eggs…

blue 03

A great place to start.  A palette full of blues.  They can be used for painting walls, fabrics or character furniture pieces.

blue 05blue 06

Here is a fantastic stencil / paint roller from a Etsy seller in the UK. This is great for a feature wall, fabric or to get the look of wallpaper. Here’s a link to get further information https://www.etsy.com/listing/160488268/tuvi-patterned-paint-roller-from-the?ref=favs_view_17


blue 08

I wanted to finish by showing a blue and white ticking stripe dog screen printed pillow. A fun gift and is perfect as a accent piece. You can find it at https://www.etsy.com/listing/164132076/boston-terrier-hand-screen-print-pillow?ref=shop_home_active_6&ga_search_query=boston

Visit our new website http://www.ecarlateblush.com or our Etsy shop http://www.ecarlateboutique.etsy.com




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