Custom Order / Apron

On the 3rd of July at our weekly Village Fest event we met a woman who had her father’s apron for years. She wanted to keepsake this memory by repurposing it into something she would see on a daily basis.

A unique vintage pillow

A unique vintage pillow

We agreed to the request without seeing the apron but figured that if we use similar design techniques as we do our burlap potato sack pillows we should be okay.  Once we received the apron we realized that we would not be able to replicate our Potatoes pillow.  I forward the idea of appliquing the apron on a brown ticking while utilizing the interesting grommet and twill tape detailing at the bottom.

custom order 101 custom order 112

We also like the rustic nature of using burlap on the back so we incorporated this into the design.  With our upcycled designs, we try to have a concealed zipper at the bottom of the pillow.

custom order 106 custom order 113

I was really pleased with the final product.  The brown ticking gave interest to the pillow and the red print on the apron really make the piece stand out.  I was really glad we kept the grommet detailing since this allowed the pillow to have a unique quality and stand out.
custom order 108 custom order 109

Our client was happy to which makes our day. I love taking on projects like this since the sentimentally is evident and allows us to use our creative muscles.

custom order 110

We have been plugging along this summer. Have been keeping us with our weekly Village Fest on Thursdays and will be part of Hillcrest’s CityFest August 10 (booth 65) in San Diego. If you are around visit us.

If you are not in Southern California, you can always pop in our Etsy shop or our website or email direct with any questions or requests

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