Trying Something New with Triangles

Now that the first month of the new year is almost behind us, we wanted to try and introduce some new products. We though at first to make a circular shaped pillow but it sort of fell flat (not ruling it out completely but for now it has a pin in it).  Then we thought why not make some triangular shaped pillows.  I obtained some heavy duty duck cloth and thought maybe hand print some fun and vibrant numbers on the front.  I loved this look and it sort of reminded me of a equestrian or rugby theme.

I must admit, the first try was a failure of sorts.  We randomely drew a triangle and began cutting the fabric.  I then had to dust off some geometry skills (which by the way was the first class I did poorly in ending my mathematician career dead in its tracks).  The outcome was a weird narrow tipped triangle that looked more like a wizards hat.  I then remembered that there was such a thing as a Equilateral Triangle.  Each corner had to be 60 degrees and that is when I was able to make my pattern properly

triangle 01 triangle 04

We have the option of either having a color coordinated hand printed stripe on the back of the pillow (extending the rugby theme) or a brown ticking stripe.  Right now we offer orange, green and turquoise but am happy to customize this further and offer more selections if need be.  They are available now in my Etsy shop and soon on my website.

triangle animal 01 triangle animal 04

We also decided that it would be fun to incorporate some of our large scale animal block prints to the mix.  The large Jack Rabbit and Sparrow are now available and am currently working on other prints.  To set these apart from the numerical & initial style, we printed a thick stripe on the back of the pillow.  Turquoise, Red & Orange are available but am happy to include different colors if it works best with your color scheme.

triangle letter 01 triangle stripe 01

Last week we had a custom request to print the initials of our customer’s grandchildren on the front instead of the numbers. We gladly accepted and had so much fun making these pillows.  She selected the hand printed stripe on the backs.  We added this option

I will promise to be more diligent in sharing new products via blog.  Visit our Etsy shop for all of our items .

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