It is feeling like spring

The first day of spring is still five days away but here in Palm Springs, it certainly feels like the warmer season…

When I think of spring I think of Easter.  When I think of Easter, I think of rabbits.  I wanted to write a short entry exploring some of our rabbit themed pillows while showing how our block prints & screens are transformed by changing the design of the pillows.  Also, wanted to show how each pillow design can be incorporated with a favorite print we provide.

rabbit 501

I wanted to begin with one of our most popular designs.  This design has been paired with our screen printed raven, bee, cats and more.  The light burlap mixed with the black gros grain ribbon looped around the natural wood button makes this pillow feel sophisticated.  Although more popular during early spring, this pillow sells throughout the year.  You can find it on our Etsy shop  We have also a new version of this design with a fabric that has the appearance of burlap but not the feel.  It is perfect for those who prefer not to have the burlap…  Email ( for a photo or stay tuned since it will be posted in the Etsy shop soon.

rabbit x three 01

This rabbit is a newer block print design we have come up with.  It feels primitive and almost a jackrabbit feel which is perfect for our home here in the desert.  What I love about the block print versus screen printing is that you can add or take away elements to make the piece unique.  On this kidney lumbar style we have the three rabbits paired with some desert bushes.  On the desert bushes we added a pop of burnt orange.  We have another that has a single rabbit alongside two cactus prints.  You can find this pillow

block print rabbit 02

We simplified the jackrabbit with a single rabbit on a 12″ x 12″ wheat burlap front.  Of course we had to include the desert bush with the pop of orange.    This can also be customized to a color that works best for your color scheme in the room.  We just found a beautiful slate blue that I am exited to use.

rabbit 401

This style of the dancing rabbits has the print directly on the burlap and is attached to the black and ivory ticking stripe with a reversed applique technique.  You can find this on our Etsy shop

All of the above items and more are available in our Etsy shop or our website .  You can follow us on Instagram & Facebook to see what is new @ecarlateblush (instagram) /  You can comment on this post or email me directly with any questions

As usual, we will be participating at the weekly Village Fest in downtown Palm Springs Thursday evening (in front of Frenchy’s).  April 25th & April 26th we will be showing at the Jackalope Art Festival in Pasadena.  If around stop by and see what is new in person

Thank You!


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One Response to It is feeling like spring

  1. tara says:

    Love your rabbit prints. xoxoxo

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