Giving a little with a pop of orange

While I live in Palm Springs, my sister and family lives in San Francisco.  She is the president of the PTA at George Peobody Elementry School where my niece is in the 2nd grade and my nephew is in 5th.  So when my sister asked if I was willing to donate some of our pillow(s) to their yearly auction I didn’t hesitate with a YES!

We frequently donate our dog silhouette & printed pillows to animal rescue non profit groups and the question of what is easy.  In this situation we would need to donate something that could be viewed as ‘neutral’ and it was really important to incorporate our hand block prints where ever possible. Since it was going to San Francisco, it was important to use our wood grain print in grey and have the pop be a cool burnt orange.  Another important factor was to incorporate our hand carved block prints so that the pillows were unique and special.

Ecarlate Boutique is named after my niece (Scarlet / French translation).  It was quite fitting to donate some pillows in her honor.  Today my nephew (Micah) graduated / was promoted from elementary school which served as another important factor to make this donation special.

peabody 01
Above is a shot of us block printing our wood grain printed pillow in a slate blue grey.  We made these pillows slightly larger than what we have listed at 18″ x 18″
peabody 02
We wanted to keep up with the ‘woodland’ theme and decided to block print our trees.  This was step one in the process.

peabody 03
Step two was to throw in the pop of orange along with a cool slate blue to tie all of the pillows together.

peabody 05

Here are the trees along with the wood grain.
peabody 06
We decided to add a organic ‘river rock’ inspired print.  I wanted to have them pop so we decided to make the print in a burnt orange on the flax natural linen.

peabody 08
The three prints together along with the natural wood button.peabody 02

Here is the final product.  I am really happy with how they turned out.  This shot is of the orange river rock linen pillow along with the wood grain pillows.  Both are available for purchase in my shop at &

peabody 01

Here’s another shot of the pillows completed.  This paired the tree & burlap pillow (based on a popular design) along with the orange river rock.  You can purchase the tree print in my Etsy shop at

I am so happy to have been able to help out and had lots of fun creating something from scratch from my artwork that has a sophisticated touch.  You can find these items and others in my Etsy shop

Let me know if you have any questions and if you are in the Palm Springs area visit us at the weekly Village Fest in down town Palm Springs every Thursday (summer hours are 7 pm – 10 pm).  We are located at the iconic Frenchy’s clothing boutique.

Take Care,

Aja Simon / Owner & Designer

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